Meet our Team

To guarantee results we recommend “Personal Training” with one of our “In House Trainers”. They will keep you motivated and encourage you to reach your full potential. Please contact trainers directly for Personal Training Costs. Please ensure that all payments are finalised with your trainer

Benefits of having a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a great way to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build bulky muscles or improve your general fitness, having a personal trainer will keep you motivated and challenged. The benefit of a personal trainer is that they will listen to what you want to achieve and then devise a plan to get there. This usually involves small, specific goals so that you can see/feel progress on your way to achieving your ultimate goal. Having a personal trainer means your training schedule is customised specifically for you. A personal trainer will assess your strengths and weaknesses, take into account current or past injuries and devise a fitness plan accordingly.


Bare Fitness

A qualified trainer, Dave has a strong passion for health, well being and fitness, and he dedicates his life always progressing to become the strongest version of himself, in order to help others become their strongest version of themselves. With 10+ years of personal experience relating to martial arts and boxing, he is also certified as a HKC Kettlebells instructor, Olympic-style weightlifting coach and in other various forms of strength & conditioning practices. In his spare time he devotes most of his time training to become a competitive athlete in the sport of Olympic-style Weightlifting. So if you hear earthquakes upstairs it’s probably Dave training.



With over 20 years of achieving quality results with clients, my mission is to provide clients with safe, effective and functional exercise. My philosophy is to train “smart”, so that the time and effort you spend now will enhance your quality of life as you age. Qualified and Registered Personal Trainer, specializing in Exercise and Pregnancy Rehabilitation, Mat and Reformer Pilates, Vibro Gym, Bootcamp and Group Fitness


Exercise Physiologist

Sarah is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Full Member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia. Sarah is qualified with a Bachelor of Applied Exercise Science and a Masters in Exercise Rehabilitation. With such vast experience in Fitness, Health and Clinical Exercise, Sarah can prescribe tailored and specific exercise sessions and programs to help you achieve your health, fitness and rehabilitation goals. Exercise physiologists can treat medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, depression, asthma and cardiovascular diseases, as well as many other conditions. Sarah is a registered healthcare provider with Medicare